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Best Brand: JYM Supplement Science

It never ceases to amaze newcomers to the hardcore training community just how devoted Jim Stoppani's fans are to the kingpin of Jym Army. But the reason why is definitely no secret: They stick with Jim Stoppani because he is equally devoted to them, and to their results in the gym and in life.

In articles on, in his All Access programs Shortcut to Size, Shred, and Strength, and in the care that goes into each product in the Jym product line, this brand truly shines.

The voters have spoken: Congrats to Jym Supplement Science,'s Brand of the Year for 2018!

Runners Up

We had so many votes for so many brands, it's impossible to pick out just three. So, we decided to say a few words, in no particular order, about the brands we choose to work with, and which our users have told us, time and time again, they trust whole-heartedly with their results. These include:


Optimum Nutrition 


Kaged Muscle 

RSP Nutrition 

Animal & Universal Nutrition 


EVL: Evlution Nutrition 

MuscleTech Signature 

These brands aren't the top sellers on just because they have the best flavors—although that doesn't hurt. It's because they take the time and effort to do things right. They use—and often support—the latest in supplement science, walk the walk when it comes to label accuracy and purity, and inspire their fans with their choice in athletes, workouts, and programs.

Each brand has their specialty and their standout products, but they all hold themselves and their entire product lines to a high standard that we feel comfortable putting our name and reputation behind. The supplement industry doesn't always get the best headlines, but these are the companies looking to make positive change, one lifter at a time.

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